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Programs & Events

We specialize in Nature Based Programs & Events that are mindfully cultivated to help build a resilient community in body, mind and spirit.

In order to connect more deeply with Nature, many of our programs and events take place outdoors.

Participants and visitors should dress appropriately for the weather. Please note that some programs and events have age requirements.

Calendar of Events

Now Booking Regenerative Retreats, Micro Weddings & Botanical Parties

Contact Katherine #401-644-7253 to Book Your Creative Gathering.

Special Events

New Seasonal Program

Seasonal Tours Begin:

 Saturday May 25th  9-11am & Tuesday May 28th 4-6pm

Member Tours are offered monthly on the 4th Tuesday & Saturday May-October

Public Tours Begin:

 Saturday June 8th 9-11am & Tuesday June 11th 4-6pm

Public Tours are offered monthly on the 2nd Tuesday & Saturday May-October

Explore the bountiful offerings of nature with our monthly Harvest Your Own Regenerative Food Forest and Medicinal Garden Walk! Bring along your clippers and a harvest basket, and immerse yourself in a two-hour journey of discovery, stewardship, and sustainable harvesting practices. Led by Katherine Fotiades, the Founding Partner of Skydog Farm, each walk offers a unique opportunity to connect with the earth and learn from its abundant treasures.

Participate in seasonally inspired educational sessions, where you’ll delve into the intricate relationships between plants, wildlife, and the ecosystem as a whole. Engage in interactive lessons that deepen your understanding of sustainable agriculture and holistic living practices.

Consider becoming a seasonal Sustaining Member to enjoy the benefits of regular tours and contribute to the maintenance of our Community Sanctuary and its diverse programs and celebrations. Your financial support helps us continue our mission of environmental stewardship and community empowerment.

For public tours, the cost is $65 per group of up to four individuals. Individual bookings are also welcome.

Larger groups can arrange private tours by contacting Katherine at 401-644-7253.

Join us in nurturing a deeper connection with nature and embracing the abundant gifts it provides. Together, let’s cultivate a thriving ecosystem and a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

Free Educational Food Forest Series in Wakefield RI

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Community Supported Sanctuary

Open Enrollment 

Connect with the Kind Tribe and become part of an organically growing movement rooted in Regenerative Health.

Skydog Farm, is a 2 acre whimsical farmstead located in rural North Scituate Rhode Island and we are devoted to providing a model of “Creating the More Beautiful World that Our Heart Knows is Possible”.  ~Charles Eisenstein

We are thrilled to be offering (25) Seasonal In Person Memberships this summer.

Please contact Katherine at 401-644-7253 to schedule a visit to learn more about becoming a member and helping to Cultivate Something Meaningful.

Free Educational Food Forest Series in Wakefield RI

Weekly & Monthly Programs