Programs & Events

We offer a variety of Nature Based Programs & Events that are mindfully cultivated to help build a resilient community in body, mind and spirit.

In order to connect more deeply with Nature, many of our programs and events take place outdoors.

Participants and visitors should dress appropriately for the weather. Please note that some programs and events have age requirements.

2023 Program Schedule Coming Soon!

Wintertime Botanical Oasis

Mark and Katherine, owners of Skydog Farm, are grateful to be opening their Wintertime Botanical Oasis for the 5th year in a row. The Oasis features an eclectic collection of hand propagated succulents and botanicals in a whimsically decorated 1,800 sq ft heated greenhouse. Many of the plants are for sale and others serve as Mother Specimens which are used for propagating plant babies and unique arrangements. It also provides an opportunity for new plant parents to their babies biological Mother. The lovingly curated collection also serves to inspire creativity, enliven curiosity about nature and to act as a refuge to the community throughout the dormant days of winter. All are invited to experience the sense of renewal that comes from taking the time to step out of the hustle and bustle and to spend some quiet time sitting with the plants and connecting to nature.

The Botanical Oasis is open to the public by appointment only and is available for private events November-April.

Call Katherine @ (401)-644-7253 to Book Your Event

Elevate & Create Parties

We specialize in creating a personalized intimate nature based gatherings and events.

Bring your tribe to the farm, get your hands dirty and lift your spirits.

We have a few themed parties, but by no means are you limited to those few. 

Schedule a farmstead tour and begin creating your special gathering.

Call Katherine at 401-644-7253 to book your special gathering.

Sacred Sunday Sanctuary Hours

All Welcome Every Sunday 2-4pm*

Sacred Sundays are an invitation to take the time to slow down, connect with Nature and turn your attention inward towards the Sanctuary of your Heart.

All are invited to enjoy the beauty of our Wintertime Botanical Oasis and to experience the sense of renewal that awakens within when we become still in Nature.  

At 3:00pm, Katherine will offer a guided meditation to deepen the experience for anyone interested.

Feel free to bring your own meditation cushion, journal, art supplies; whatever assists your journey into the present moment.

We offer the space as a gift to the community and gratefully accept donations for heating and maintaining the Oasis.

*Please Note: The last Sunday of the month is dedicated to our Ram Dass Fellowship Monthly Gathering.

Ram Dass Fellowship

“We are deeply honored to be able to offer our farmstead the last Sunday every month for this very Sacred gathering of kindred spirits.”

Katherine & Mark

Sunday January 29th


Sacred community, or Satsang, is the place to find fellow truth-seekers on the path. Together we create a heart-filled space that deepens us into the practices and the teachings. We provide a refuge for those hungry for connection, including ourselves. And collectively, we hold a wisdom that helps us remember when we forget. In the Ram Dass Fellowship, we come together and share our authenticity and curiosities of life under the umbrella of Ram Dass’s teachings and Maharajji.

Educational Programs

Call Katherine at 401-644-5253 to schedule a consultation to a create a nature based program that cultivates curiosity through engagement with your students personal curriculum and interests.


Homeschool Programs Available

Past Events

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An Enchanting Evening with the Music of the Plants

​Discover how plants can create music? What does it sound like? 


Wild Edible Plant Walk

Our friends, Bear and Aidale, will lead us around the farmscape to discover the Springtime wild plants offering the first medicine and food of the year. Bear and Aidale have kindly offered to lead a walk for each of the four seasons so that we can learn the full cycle and spectrum of plant spirits living with us here on the farm year round. Summer, Fall and Winter Walks dates TBD.

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Mushroom Cultivation

Join us here at the farmstead for an informative hands on workshop where you get to inoculate your own log/logs with your choice of either Blue Oyster or Lion’s Mane Mushroom spores.

Winter Solstice Spiral

The spiral walk is a tradition that honors the seasonal cycle of light and darkness by arranging a simple spiral labyrinth walk. Everything about the spiral walk is rooted in symbolism and ceremony:  from the form of the spiral to the red apples, evergreen boughs, beeswax candles and the objects placed in the spiral: as well as the walking meditation itself.