Programs & Events

We specialize in Nature Based Programs & Events that are mindfully cultivated to help build a resilient community in body, mind and spirit.

In order to connect more deeply with Nature, many of our programs and events take place outdoors.

Participants and visitors should dress appropriately for the weather. Please note that some programs and events have age requirements.

Save the Dates

Happening This Week

Regenerative Food Forest Tour

Saturday May 27th 

8-11am & 2-5pm

ram dass

Ram Dass Fellowship

Sunday May 28th 


Ethical Foraging & Plant Walk

Monday May 29th


Upcoming Programs

New! Regenerative Food Forest Tours

New Farmstead Tours May -September

Mondays, Tuesdays & Saturdays: 

8-11am & 2-5pm



Enjoy a 45 minute personalized walking tour of Skydog Farm’s 2 acre Community Farmstead, Food Forest & Botanical Gardens led by Katherine Fotiades, Owner of Skydog Farm.

Throughout your sensory interactive walk about the farmstead, guests may gather a beautiful bouquet of flowers and herbs to take home with you.

As the walk about meanders around the organic and serene landscape, Katherine will share the transformative journey of how Skydog Farm came to be and you will learn:

*What regenerative agriculture is.

*How these farming practices help to Save Soil and to Heal the Earth and her Climate.

*Why a Katherine and Mark are devoting all their resources to cultivating a Community Food Forest.

*How you can play a part in regenerating the Earth.

If you have children that will be enjoying the tour, Call or text Katherine at 401-644-7253 and we will set up our interactive sensory tables to encourage and  engage curious exploration of Nature’s beauty and mystery.

$25 per Group

Maximum 4 people

No Need to Preregister, but it is helpful if you can let us know your coming.

Please contact Katherine @401-644-7253 via text or voicemail to let us know when you are coming and if you would like the children’s interactive tables set up or if you are interested in booking a larger group tour or Private Garden Party.

You can also email us

Our Outdoor Botanical Nursery is Now Open

Hours of Operation 

Mondays, Tuesdays & Saturdays:

8-11am & 2-5pm



Our Nursery acts as a summer oasis for our eclectic collection of beautiful and unique succulent specimens and for our guests.

We propagate and grow everything we sell from seed, cutting or single leaf and we love each and every plant and are invested in their living a happy plant life.

Our botanical arrangements are lovingly crafted by Katherine and our Rosemary Bonsai are creatively cultivated by Mark.

Come meet the Mama in plants and take a baby home with you.

Katherine and Mark are very happy to act as your personal Plant Doula and to support you on your journey to cultivating your Green Thumb.

We currently have a small selection herbal garden plant starts for sale while supplies last.

Revenue from plant sales helps to support our year round programs and events.

Now Booking Private Botanical DIY Parties

Please call Katherine #401-644-7253 to book your Unique & Creative Gathering.

Sanctuary of the Heart

Sacred Sunday Sanctuary Hours

 4-6pm  May-October

Sacred Sundays are an invitation to take the time to slow down, connect with Nature and turn your attention inward towards the Sanctuary of your Heart.

All are invited to enjoy the beauty of our Sanctuary Gardens and to experience the sense of renewal that awakens within when we become still in Nature.  

At 5:00pm, Katherine will offer a guided meditation to deepen the experience for anyone interested.

Feel free to bring your own meditation cushion, journal, art supplies; whatever assists your journey into the present moment.

Educational Programs


Homeschool Programs Available

Call Katherine at 401-644-5253 to schedule a consultation to a create a nature based program that cultivates curiosity through engagement with your students personal curriculum and interests.