Programs & Events

We specialize in Nature Based Programs & Events that are mindfully cultivated to help build a resilient community in body, mind and spirit.

In order to connect more deeply with Nature, many of our programs and events take place outdoors.

Participants and visitors should dress appropriately for the weather. Please note that some programs and events have age requirements.

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New On Line Event Calendar

Happening This Weekend

Sunday February 25th


Sanctuary of the Heart

We invite you to take the time to slow down, connect with Nature and turn your attention inward towards the Sanctuary of your Heart.

 Katherine will guide you through the process of mapping out the Sacred Space of your Inner Sanctuary.

Now Booking Private Appointments

Call Katherine at #401-644-7253 to schedule a discovery call to learn more

Or feel free to call Katherine at #401-644-7253 to schedule a discovery call to learn more

New Community Led Workshops

Introducing our New Monthly Series where we will Highlight a Community Member and their  Passion that they are excited to share with the rest of the Tribe!

Now Accepting  Proposals 

Elevate & Create 4:20 Series

Last year’s 4:20 Series was such a hit we are running it again this year!

Weekly & Monthly Programs