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We Are Committed to Making Our Packaging as Sustainable as Possible

We appreciate your support while we work towards choosing a line of packaging that will not only preserve the quality of our beautiful, nutritious tender greens & herbs, but will also reduce food waste.

We have spent many hours  researching such packaging and this season, we are trialing a  line of  home compostable cellophane bags and labels that are made from a sustainably harvested wood pulp. No GMO’s – No Corn!

The result so far, is that the Basil and Heads of Lettuce w/Roots seem to hold up just fine. Especially if you cut the ends off the bag and place the roots in a jar of water when you get home. The resealable compostable bags for the 1oz Rosemary retains the freshness quite well.

Unfortunately we have found that with many of our other products,  the bags are wicking moisture away from the tender greens and causing them to wilt. 

We have decided to continue to sell our Basil & Lettuce Heads w/Roots and our 1oz Rosemary in our New Home Compostable Bags. They will be labeled with a sticker.

We will continue to package our Farmers Choice CSA  in the Home Compostable Packaging, since we know that our farm share customers understand the importance of moving their delicate produce into their favorite produce storage containers as soon as they get home.

We have also had to make the difficult decision to switch back to our REUSABLE ZIPLOCK bags for our other greens & herbs that we send out to The Hope Street Farmers Market and to Market Mobile. Please reuse these bags  in order to decrease our footprint.

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